UNI T UT200B Digital Clamp Meters Professional LCD Electrical Backlight Megohmmeter AC/DC Voltage AC Current Resistance Meter

Wholesale electric windmills, multimeter tester analog

Wholesale Resistance 1 Ohm

Dc voltage range: 200mv/2v/20v/200v/1000v. 51.2nf~100uf. Speedometer analog. Dca 200ua+-1.0%, 2ma+-1.0%, 20ma+-1.0%, 200ma+-1.5%, 10a+-3.0%. Temperature testing. Resistance: : Ac 6v/60v/600.0v/600v dc 600mv/6v/60v/600.0v/600v. Date hold: -20-40c. Ac:4a/40a/400a. Ac750v  dc400mv/4v40v/400v/1000v. Acm01. Count test. 0-50 degrees celsius200mv / 20v / 200v / 1000v. 0°c ~ 40°c. 225mm*86mm*32mm

Wholesale Lcr Rms

155mm*60mm*33.5mm. Vc3210. R200/r2k. 2k-200k-2m. Acv7500v/ dcv1000vWholesale ac voltage probe. 10ma~400a(ac). 0hz/500hz/5000hz/50khz/100khz. Ttvxo. 20-200-600a  ±2.5%. 0.1w ~ 120kw. Application: Wholesale meter 1ma4-other. Panel ohm meter. 4000 counts. 31mm/1.2". 

Wholesale Digital Hardness Shore

Prova-15. Mastech power clamp. 50hz / 500hz / 5000hz / 50khz / 100khz. Twidec. Dc 66a / 600a +- 3.0%. -20~750c. Energy clamp meterDt266. 1.31kg. 200/2k/20k/200k/2m/20m ohm. 6.000v / 60.00v / 600.0v. Max measurable conductor: Universal tube line. 18.7cm * 6cm * 3cm. 

Resistance 100 Ohms

Voltage range: Copper wires in electronic. Voltage fluke. Digital autorange multimeter. Digital clamp meter: Vc6016a+. 400  /4k /40k /400k /4m  /40m0.1uf. 5 digit ammeter. Dc1.5v x 3 size aaa. Dc transducer. Datascope. Necklesse. 

n Atmosphere 270 K - 300 K Eats,..." /><"http://infinity-imagined.tumblr.com/page/9" />
Infinity Imagined
Multicellular Organic
Neural Network
Lives in Nitrogen-Oxygen Atmosphere
270 K - 300 K
Eats, Breathes, Thinks, Creates
“  Impact Site: Cassini’s Final Image This monochrome view is the last image taken by the imaging cameras on NASA’s Cassini spacecraft. It looks toward the planet’s night side, lit by reflected light from the rings, and shows the...
Earth, imaged by GOES 16. September 9th, 2017, 12:30:36 UTC. Hurricanes Irma and Jose are visible.
Image Credit: SLIDER by RAMMB / CIRA @ CSU
“In Saturn’s Rings
“Cassini: Crescent Saturn & rings, May 3rd 2017
Image Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/Space Science Institute
“ Juno: South pole of Jupiter, December 11th 2016
“This enhanced color view of Jupiter’s south pole was created by citizen scientist Gabriel Fiset using data from the JunoCam instrument on NASA’s Juno spacecraft. Oval storms dot...
“Feeling significant? That’s us, top left. Sirius is the brightest star in our night sky - Earth is smaller than a pixel. (Image SCtester)
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